A/V performance
The mission of DVA was and still is to push the envelope of sonic and visual media, so as to effect the psyche and the psycho-physical by experimentation, research and development of advanced technological art...
talk / presentation
talk / presentation at department of Media and Arts Technology, Queen Mary University, London (UK)...  more 
immersive a/v performance
NHWT is a series of immersive audiovisual performances inspired by creative investigations on "longitudinal" waves and energy propagation...  more 
9 > 16.11
performative sensory environment
In Displace, groups of visitors progress through a series of environments. They experience sensory-based actions that intermingle olfactory, gustatory, visual, sonic, haptic and proprioceptive stimuli. The experience evolves over time to convoke intense, almost hallucinatory sensations where all sensory phenomena merge to the point of saturation.
expert meeting
METABODY is a 5 years EU-funded project undertaking a critical study of contemporary aesthetics of control, in which quantification of all activities via reduction to information patterns permeates all areas of life...
Artists and researchers gather at STEIM for a first Dutch gathering of potential METABODY creative contributors.
immersive A/V performance
Combined TAGC and CLOCK DVA operations at INCUBATE festival presenting an transdimensional version of MEON 3 in the Ambisonics Cell with 4 projections, and the new CLOCK 2 sound material live for the first time...
Art/Science/Technology research ::: residency
TeZ, Chris Salter and Marije Bijlman are visiting HOLST CENTRE for a creative interchange residency. HOLST is an independent open-innovation R&D centre that develops Wireless Autonomous Sensor technologies and Flexible Electronics. This residency is organized and supported by Baltan Laboratories.
immersive sound performance
TeZ and Kim Cascone engage, immerse and enlighten their audience in spatial soundscapes designed to resonate with both the physical and spiritual dimensions of human beings.
until 15.02.13
immersive a/v environment ::: installation
The Optofonica Capsule is a futuristic design/architectural object, featuring a mechanized structure whose parts form an autonomous immersive audiovisual environment...  more